Let Jesus Christ Lead Your Life In 2021


    Lack of Wisdom is Lack of Focus on Truth

     Don’t lose hope, sharpen your understanding!

Mindless hearing is meaningless hearing, it drives error like smoking wheels on a racecar.  

People interpret the words that are spoken to them, or overheard as they are spoken to others very differently.

We expect all people to interpret spoken or written words the same, but they are only interpreted according to the knowledge, understanding, and ability to focus on what is said or written in order to grasp the real meaning of the words as they are intended to be read or heard.

A hearing problem always has some jumbled meaning as well as the blurring of the articulation of the words they strain to hear.

You must also have mental awareness to focus on the spoken or written words to interpret them well. If you are not fully focused on what someone is saying mentally, it’s the same as having a muffler over your ears of understanding.

To hear and receive clearly what is spoken or written your physical ears, must also be equally engaged with the focus in your mind on what is being communicated to you.

When you are unconcerned about who is speaking, and what they are saying, your mind sends you in a different direction from what you are hearing or reading.

Your own thoughts take priority over what you are reading or hearing, you are not interested and veer away from being fully involved in the subject at hand. You are not engaged mentally with what you are hearing or reading, and you lose its accuracy through lack of sound concentration for mental clarity of interpretation of a matter.

To be engaged with what is being said or read, takes four major interactions. You must desire the information, respect the person delivering the information, and hear the information both physically and intellectually. You must be focused on what you are hearing or reading to thoroughly understand what you are being taught.

  • You must desire to know what is being said or read because you want or need the information. You must desire to know, or need the information.
  • You must respect the person delivering the information, you have either read or heard their communication and value it as good advice or someone has given you a good review, or recommendation about the material and the person conveying it. You must respect the person, and value their excellent advice, or discourse on the topic as sound material gathering.
  • You must be open to hearing or reading the communication, and be mentally focused on the material covered to understand the information, and learn its source for the substantiation of a fact driven truth.
  • Your mind must be mentally receptive and your ears hearing clearly before the message is received in its profound entirety. You must be focused, and desire the truth, to be able to retain it.

Our fast moving society not only scans their cell phones, books, articles, and documents but they also scan intellectually what is being said without fully grasping everything that is spoken, then they read a different meaning into what they’ve read than what has actually been conveyed to them.

Emotional hearing contains mental vagueness, more said, less heard, because a word, phrase, or statement activates their own mind to run off in many different directions than hearing and focusing on what is actually said.

When the hearer begins to try to recall what was said, it rarely finds its way to the exact meaning of what was heard. When people presume what is said they did not hear nor interpret what was said accurately.

When something is presumed to be something other than the accurate communication, they are hearing or reading; they are guessing the related matter means something that is usually opposite, twisted, or misleading by the re-interpretation in their mind.

The speaker’s or writers’ words were erroneously interpreted, meaning your truth just became erroneous, to the hearer it is now opposite from what you said, it is a lie.

Mindless hearing is when the hearer imagines what you said, but didn’t intellectually hear the true meaning of what was said. The presumption was wrong; they assumed a different meaning, and turned your truth to a lie, and gave you credit for their twisted version of your truth.

Mindless hearing is meaningless hearing, it drives error like smoking wheels on a racecar.  

You must hear clearly and truthfully to know, and establish the truth in your heart and mind, before you can be renewed, restored, and revived in faith, hope, and charity.

Trials and tribulations are brought on by a need for adjustment in our lives. You can’t correct what you don’t know exists in your life or what hinders you from growing, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Maturing emotionally means gaining better behavior responses.  

Perplexing problems happen because of lack of knowledge about the problem or lack of focus on the problem, or lack of addressing or confronting the problem until it reaches the crisis stage and can no longer be ignored.

Faith is focusing on what God does through his perfection, and not what we want to try to do better than God!

When you serve Jesus Christ the God of truth, read, and listen to His words of truth, you understand your weaknesses in your own human ways. Humanity is weak because their self-indulgent desires always leads their long list of priorities and becomes quicksand beneath their feet.

Our Holy God of truth is God because every human being needs someone greater than themselves to lead their life and guide them away from all they follow that causes their moral decay.

Every building must have a good foundation to weather the winds of change. Anyone during the tumult of unrest must have enough mental strength, as well as physical and spiritual strength, to stay sound and steady during chaotic times.

It improves the race of life when you know what you are racing for and always seek to improve at whatever you feel you are called on to do in life. When you yearn to learn to do  better the next time, you will always be searching for ways to improve.

A person who believes all the goodwill of God and seeks to know more about Jesus is the one who knows he can always become better his entire life as he drops the gospel seeds of truth into his heart. It’s the desire to improve that will push us on to attain spiritual maturity.

It’s all in the “will and the want to” as the old expression goes, that will is the desire that will cause people not to settle for less than what the Lord has made available for them to have and achieve.

Don’t lose hope!

It isn’t a good sign if you settle for less than you need, when you are seeking to be qualified to do your best. When you don’t have a desire for something better, you will lose hope, give up and settle for something less than your best.

When you lose hope, you lose your drive, determination, and motivation to succeed.

You can’t drive down the glory (victory) road unless you have been revived in your heart and mind to move forward with great desire and passion.

You must be motivated to accomplish more than what you think is possible. You have to have faith, great faith, mountain moving faith to accomplish all that Jesus Christ sets before you. All because the Lord knows you can do what he requires of you if you will do it!

When you become discouraged you feel hopeless and empty of all you need to rely on to help you become better, in all phases of your life that’s necessary to get a higher standard of living.

You lose purpose, drive, and satisfaction in your life when you lose hope. You become cast down in your demeanor, deflated and overwhelmed by every obstacle that presents itself in life.

You need to have your focus on a better view, value, and vision. You need to have great goals in your heart and confidence in your mind to achieve all higher milestones that you have set before you.

That clearer focus on the truth of the matter concerning anything you are pursuing will carry you further than any questionable ways in life you might choose to travel.

You either have faith and conquer the problems set before you, or the problems set before you will pull you down emotionally and conquer you. You can only restore your faith, hope, and charity, when you thoroughly understand your problem and resolve it.

The word order in scripture defines and refines the exactness of the divinely revealed truth of God’s Word.  You need to read God’s word enough to recognize whether you are being taught truth or error.

Truth is clearly explained in the Holy word of God, but not always clearly understood.

Prayer is the appeal to the Lord to answer our requests to solve problems and complications in our life. By faith, we accept the answer to prayer before we see its completion.

When we pray we are to have confidence in the One who always answers our prayers, Jesus Christ. When we trust Him to answer our prayers we are lifted up in all we pursue in life as we watch our prayers being answered one after the other all our life.

Follow Jesus Christ, during 2021 and believe Him above all you see and hear. Jesus will comfort and guide you through all that may be fearful in the chaotic days ahead. Faith in Jesus Christ is trusting Jesus because He is trustworthy. When you pray expect an answer because with His abundant love for his children Jesus desires to answer your prayer on the wings of your faith in Him.

Jesus Christ is the way maker and he’ll make a way of escape for you!

Worship Jesus the miracle worker knowing that Jesus Christ is still in control of all that is happening and watch him take care of you and answer your prayers.

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Parents must have on the job training since they are inexperienced when they become parents. When they have love in their heart for the tiny life growing in the mother, and are  moved by affection for the child before they are born, that love continues to grow all their life.    

          Hearts Full of Hope Give Parents Strength To Face Parenting Challenges

Joan Jessalyn Cox quotes are yours to share, hopefully to inspire and encourage others.

“Who holds the mirror that reflects the image of the child they need to see of their better self?”

“Who is the “hero” in a child’s life that will give them values that will carry them through all the difficult times?”

“Who gives the child holy love from the heart, that will give them encouragement, kindness, and patience that will keep them feeling safe?”

                                            ~Joan Jessalyn Cox ~

                           “Children are the joy of life, the source of delight,

                         pride and hopefully satisfaction for their choices in life.”                        

                                    Joan Jessalyn Cox                                                       

“Good biblical promises secured in Jesus Christ deliver good beginnings with trustworthy standards that produce everlasting results!” “Heart-felt love and good beginnings prepares parents to serve those well who depend on them.”

“Good discipline is with loving concern for the children’s physical, emotional and spiritual   welfare we admonish it in a firm voice, but with no hardness, or harshness, but we give it in the warmth of loving care.”

“Be A Good Parent, because holding love in your heart for your child, shows your greatest desire is to love, protect and encourage them to become their best in life and express caring concern toward others.” 

Joan Jessalyn Cox quotes are yours to share, hopefully to inspire and encourage others.

                        “God’s Love is full of Mercy and Loving Kindness!”

                                      Love And Protect Your Children: Be A Good Parent

                                                                   By Joan Jessalyn Cox      


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                                     Love And Protect Your Children

                                           By Joan Jessalyn Cox     


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