What’s Missing in Our Current Chaotic Culture

Wholesome Thinking, and Wholesome Living

By Joan Jessalyn Cox

"From the first blink of a baby's eye as it enters into this world, they need to have the tender loving care that will teach and enable them to raise up in surroundings that will love and protect them from all harm, as they are nurtured in life to become their best self." Joan Jessalyn Cox from Love and Protect Your Children. 

The learning process is taken one step at a time, and information is received better upon a clean, undisturbed mental slate, such as a young child’s uncluttered mind.

When anyone’s mind, especially a child’s mind, is being filled with filthy clutter, lessons must work through the mental garbage dumped into their environment and young minds.

When children are taught, and shown sexual material, and illustrations too early in life, it distracts them with material they are too young to know. These deviations brought into teaching material disturb their thinking and are a major hindrance in their learning process for a sound education.

When parents take their children to see vulgar displays of sexual activities passed off as entertainment, they are contributing to their psychological abuse, which sets them up to accept physical abuse. We should hold the parents and the people involved in sexual seduction activities accountable for abusing children.

Parents are supposed to love and protect their children. Good parents want their children to have a healthy mind and body, so they can feel good about themselves and have parents who want to shelter them from all harm, even within their own home.

What is missing in our current chaotic culture? Wholesome thinking and wholesome living.

What lessons can we learn from the golden childhood of yester years? It was a time when children could live with an innocent outlook on life. They could run and play free of mental disturbances and physical assault. Children could grow up gradually and learn with a clearer mind. They didn’t have dangerous surroundings to keep them drowning in fear. They didn’t have to be so apprehensive of adults lurking near them with corrupt desires circling them like wolves on the hunt ready to snatch away their innocence.

Trusting the untrustworthy is the beginning of all your sorrows and defeats in your life, and will continue to work their evil delusions upon you or your family as long as you tolerate their presence in your life.

Deviant people exist who, with disturbed minds, yearn to invade children’s frail, pure minds and bodies. Who will protect our children? Who are courageous enough to stand up and defend the children? Where are the heroes when weakened parents cannot, or will not, help their children?

Parents, and other people in a child’s life that loves them purely from the heart, care enough to cherish them and to protect children from a vile and vicious world. Parents who stand up against all demoralization from the elements of morally impure activities that will hurt their children in body, mind or spirit will make a courageous stand against all elements of ungodly filth.

Parents love their children enough to protect them from all intrusions into their life that will rob them of practical thinking and they will protect them during their innocent growing seasons, all their life.

Trustworthy parents, family and friends will show how the loyalty of pure love from the heart instills the love of Jesus that is holy because Jesus teaches us that holy love comes from the heart.

Jesus Christ’s everlasting words of truth emphasizes heartfelt love of God that radiates from the heart with purity.

When people accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior through reading and understanding his words from the Bible, truth changes the believer’s outlook on life. Truth refreshes your soul and spirit (attitude) because truth will win a victory over all sin (lawlessness).

Wholesome thinking and living brings peace to the soul, and victory by faith in Jesus Christ to help others in our lives, especially children and others who suffer hurt and are bruised by the same elements of evil at work in the world today.

Jesus is our abundant hope. When living according to his word, our honest character is established and fulfilled, because it renews and cleanses his beloved people.   Honesty springs forth from truth.

“Jesus saith, unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life; no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” John 14:6

“Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.”

“Blessed are the merciful; for they shall obtain mercy.”

“Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.”

“Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.”  Matthew 5:6-9

Understand that the phrase “children of God” shows the Lord’s loving, protecting, and preserving merciful love toward all who love and accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

The previous quotes of Jesus Christ’s everlasting words of truth are found at the end of my last book. Heroes Of The Heart Book Of Quotes: Christian Heritage Honored In Heroes by Joan Jessalyn Cox

Quotes about children are from my book, Love And Protect Your Children by Joan Jessalyn Cox

“Teaching and nurturing your children to face the challenges of life with confidence, gives them greater strength to face the realities of life.”

“When you invest in the good upbringing of a child you are investing in your nation’s future.”

“The value of good parental training of children must never be undervalued; it is necessary for them to have a happy and fulfilled life.”

Written by Joan Jessalyn Cox    https://joanjessalyncox.com


” A beautiful attitude is like sunshine to the soul.”

Quotes by Joan Jessalyn Cox from my books:

Love and Protect Your Children Heroes Of The Heart Book Of Quotes

I welcome and encourage all quotes by others of my quotes.

I love good quotes and believe most authors would be honored to have people quote what they have written.

What Is Lovingkindness?


” Lovingkindness is pure love from the heart, that is full of love and mercy toward other people.”
By Joan Jessalyn Cox

“The Lord has appeared of old unto me, saying, Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with lovingkindness have I drawn thee.” Jeremiah 31:3

Lovingkindness is the holy love of God. When Christians express lovingkindness, there is no hardheartedness toward people, only their trustworthy, compassionate concern. They have read the manual to a good life, which is the Holy Bible, and with true faith in Jesus Christ, they leave the judging of another person’s life to God.

 Christians who have grown past their childish self-righteous need to condemn others and they accept their fellow human being as needing their love and comforting compassion, they can help instead of hurt people emotionally, by showing them lovingkindness. When God’s holy love comes from the heart in lovingkindness, that person can be a true minister to anyone in great need. That love of Jesus Christ the Son of God, is the Holy Spirit flowing through the believer with faith of God.

Lovingkindness is the amazing grace, the awesome love of God that produces mountain moving faith of God to rescue, restore and revive all the people who are hurting from sin. The sinner’s bruised and hurting heart responds to the urgent call of salvation from a sincere message preached from an honest minister. When that compelling call to a hungry heart to come to Jesus Christ and repent of their sins leads his people home tenderly, and gently to the loving arms of Jesus Christ their Savior they feel the lovingkindness to heal their hurting heart.

People who have lived a troubled life from making wrong choices need the honest lovingkindness that comes from spiritually mature Christians who give the wounded person uplifting love, prayer, and encouragement. Lovingkindness is given to troubled people to show them Jesus Christ loves them just as much as he loves every other Christian.

Lovingkindness is pure love from the heart, that is full of compassion and mercy toward other people. A beautiful attitude is like sunshine to the soul. It expresses lovingkindness to others.

Lovingkindness is an expression of one’s nature that is concerned with other’s welfare and the alleviation of suffering. Lovingkindness is the desire to help others above oneself. It creates goodwill toward others.

“Charity never fails.”  “And now abides faith, hope, charity, these three: but the greatest of these is charity.”  1 Corinthians 13:13

Charity is that kind loving nature that is interested in helping others above oneself. Charity is spiritual love because it comes from the heart, it’s holy love toward others.

A tender love toward others is that caring and concerned, generous nature that creates good will toward those whose life they touch.

It takes a heart full of love for others from people who want to help feed the needy food when they are hungry, and spiritual food when they feel empty, hopeless, and confused.  

When Christians add an even greater desire to feed people the gospel of a loving God, it will give them faith, hope and truth that will feed their soul, it can heal their troubled heart, and soul, that affects their mind, and body.

“For thy lovingkindness is before my eyes: and I have walked in thy truth.” Psalms 26:3

The commandment of Jesus was to “love your neighbor as yourself” and to provide them with divine care, which is through genuine love that you will feed a friend, neighbor, brother, or stranger. You will accept the calling of the holy heart of God to feed the poor.

People with God’s own lovingkindness within their heart become their best self when they want to feed their faith with sound truth. Faith will feed the hungry in spirit spiritual food from the Bible, which is the manual for an abundant life. It will help to liberate them from the entanglement of any interaction with evil intrusions into their life to rob them of a better way of living.

My husband and I were so blessed a few weeks back to have several of our family members to come to our home for a visit and dinner together. 

 The fellowship was extra sweet because we would see one of our great grandchildren for the first time.

Our grandson, and his precious wife and their two children were walking up to the door. As I watched them nearing the porch, I heard our grandson say to his three-year-old little boy.

“We are going to see Grandfather Cox.” His son piped up. “Grandfather clocks, I want to see grandfather clocks!”  That cute misunderstanding, really tickled us.

It was his little nearly two-year-old daughter that we had never seen before. I was told she had to get to know you before she would take up with you. We had bought four children’s storybooks, so hopefully I could get to hold her and read her a fun story. One book I selected was “Wonky Donkey”. I bought it because I saw the video of the grandmother reading it to her grandchild and laughing.

I already loved our great granddaughter just from her sweet smiles and antics I saw in the videos on my social media connection.

She was still shying away from me, so her precious mother pulled up a chair right in front of my recliner and held our little one on her lap. She read Wonky Donkey to both of us. I was already laughing as the baby girl stared at the pictures in the book as her mother flipped the page. It showed the picture of the donkey with one eye closed; he was a wonky donkey because he only had one eye.

I was laughing, but the baby with a tiny finger touched the closed eye and uttered aww.. and you could feel the empathy in that baby’s voice for the donkey with one eye.

Her mother, with a nurturing warm and tender voice, said to her baby girl, “It’s alright, the donkey will be alright.” The mother’s lovingkindness for her child immediately comforted that tiny babies caring heart for the animal that she saw was hurt.

I’m giving you illustrations of lovingkindness, because like the word of an old soft drink ad from many years ago said, “What the world needs now, is love, sweet love that’s the only thing we have just too little of…” (If I didn’t recall the words just right, it’s been many years ago since I heard the jingle.)

Through all the pain, sorrow and evil activity in the world, God still has people who have lovingkindness that will help others.

Authors down through time have usually written poems, songs and stories that depicted the mother’s heart of love for their children with the tenderness of lovingkindness, but what in the world happened that changed that tender, warm mother’s love so drastically? Only God knows!

Lovingkindness is not dead, nor has it gone away completely and aren’t you happy, that there are still people in this world that love, purely and peacefully, from a heart full of God’s holy lovingkindness.

There are more stories of lovingkindness generosity than you might know, and you won’t see them until you look for them.

Our daughter and her husband were passing by a car dealership last evening and since they needed a new pickup, they looked first at the pickups, but soon they shifted to looking at the SUV’s because of the very high prices on the pickups.

A young car salesman came out and talked to them about buying the SUV they were looking at.

They found a vehicle they liked but could only afford if their payment remained the same as the one they were currently paying on.

The young man told them the following story as they waited to complete the sale.

A woman came into the car dealership a few days before, and she told him she had to have a car, her car would no longer run. She was a single mother; she had a special needs child and no way to go to her doctor’s appointments.

The young car salesman had told my daughter and son-in-law about his wife being transferred to their area with her work and his being thankful to start work at this dealership.

The young salesman went to the manager and said, we need to get this woman into a car, and he explained the circumstances. He told him I will forego my commission if you can get her into a car.

They got her into a car, and the young salesman didn’t get his commission. He said you know why I wanted to help her so badly? I have a special needs child as well.

No good deed goes unnoticed by God. Good deeds are usually greatly appreciated by the recipient.

“Then she fell on her face, and bowed herself to the ground, and said unto him, Why have I found grace in thy eyes, that thou shouldest take knowledge of me, seeing I am a stranger?”   Ruth 2:10

(this scripture applies to a different incident in biblical times, but the grateful attitude remains the same for current reactions within a grateful person for an expression of lovingkindness.)

I told my daughter; I like what happened.  The Lord brought you along at the right time so that young man would make a sale and get his commission added for that week.

I believe in divine appointments, where God in heaven sees one’s need, and hears the prayers regarding that need, and causes people and places to be rearranged, and prayers answered beyond our awareness.

“Great in counsel, and mighty in work: for thine eyes are open upon all the ways of the sons of men: to give every one according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings:”   Jeremiah 32:17-19

By Joan Jessalyn Cox                                                                                                            

Compassion and Patience Must Come From Both Parents and Children

Parents and children must know that perfection is not part of our natural nature. Learning through trial and error is the natural process of intellectual maturity.                                           Joan Jessalyn Cox ~ Sharable Quotes

It takes great compassion from both parents and children, during their growing seasons, to have patience and consideration toward one another when they disagree about something.

Experience drives home the lessons we need to learn. When we must either prove or disprove a concept by living through an incident, situation, or circumstance, we are learning through our experiences. When we must use our five senses to help us know whether our perception of that concept is right or wrong, we gain a more intense understanding through our experiential lessons.

We need the test of time, and trial and error, to challenge us and pose the questions we need answers to.  We can find the path we need to travel, to be all we can be as we become our original self, through our life lessons of trial and error.

Parents and children needs someone to guide them with patience and compassion, because we are all sensitive to people around us and their emotions affect the people whose life they touch to either inspire or destroy their human will.  

“For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope.  

Now the God of patience and consolation grant you to be like minded one toward another according to Christ Jesus.”  Romans 15:4&5

When we pray our confidence grows according to our faith in Jesus Christ, and when you give your need to Jesus to be your strength and motivation, the Lord will get you to where He wants you to be.

The wisdom we gain when we know compassion is the better part of valor, is discovering the truth, to make necessary changes to transform our ways, by renewing our mind, and choosing to live according to God’s truth.

The human will must be engaged to make a significant change, you can only change according to the change in one’s personal choices in life. The human will is the mental faculty by which one deliberately chooses, or decides upon a course of action. Acting upon ones choice involves having a great enough desire, for implementing the energy and wisdom necessary to make any change, and especially a significant change in one’s life. Many times fear and worry will hinder, distract, detour, or destroy one moving toward a great change in their life.

Every one balks at change, the bigger the change appears to be, the more we dig our heels in the sand and stop all movement toward change. Many times change can’t come just by knowing it should happen. Sometimes it takes catastrophic things to happen before we are catapulted into action.

“Your will to do something substantial has to be driven by a great desire to make the move happen.”     Joan Jessalyn Cox ~ Sharable Quotes

You will not move until you want to move, whether you must change a job, associates, the place you live, or to seek a greater education you must experience the push of fire, in your desire to make life changes. We must always know we can do better no matter who we are.

“You won’t move until your spark of desire is set on fire. Some call it motivation, inspiration, or desperation.”      Joan Jessalyn Cox ~ Sharable Quotes

Parents may resist or hesitate at their own leap of faith in a significant change and turn the tide when dealing with a change in their child’s life. They might become excessively demanding when a child hesitates about a serious change in their own life.

 Patience in anyone’s life is needed when they need time to think on all that is necessary to make a great change. As a parent you must become the more mature one in how you treat a problem in your child’s life. Change is change whether small or great, and most must have time to decide to move on.

You must think through the misgivings you had before you could overcome your own desire to shirk a duty to change. When you wanted to remain in the comfort of your own well-worn way to live, it’s the same hurtle everyone must overcome to accept change.

How do you, as someone who has faced change and conquered your fears, help others to not only conquer their fears, but to create a desire to be transformed by renewing their mind? What do you say to people who not only need to have the desire to change, but to also be fortified enough to have the inner drive to do it?

How do you fire up people’s desire to climb victory mountain one step at a time?

Whoever you are inspiring with the truth of God’s word and urging them to move by his Holy Spirit in faith, will move when God’s ways in handling a change or situation is activated by prayer!

“Compassion is that tender hearted person who looks beyond one’s faults and sees their needs, to relieve hurts by forgiving the offender.”                                                                                  Joan Jessalyn Cox ~ Sharable Quotes

We find valor in that brave person, who sees all the wrong in another person, but will carry on with bold fortitude to stand up for truth, when someone else is resisting with aggressive force to stay caught in a web of evil.

Do you know someone that is caught in a web of evil, and it’s destroying their life? Do you have children that greatly need to be snatched out of the clutches of evil people’s influence?

A person who is so deceived by a false belief will curse and threaten you, to keep from accepting your confrontation with them about the truth, they may be a hard case indeed, but praying for them can help them come to the end of their rebellion.

A parent must be patience and forbearing like Jesus for the sake of the person poisoned enough to be engulfed with tormenting addictions, or led astray by overbearing people with penetrating lies. It might be your own child or the lost child of someone who is neglecting, or abusing the young person who cries in the dark.

 When young people are being controlled with threats on their life or with drugs, they need your courage to go above and beyond what you want to do. They need your compassion in order to help them be delivered from the evil clutches of those who want to destroy their life.

Raising children is the greatest challenge in life you can have, because you are required to wear many hats, so to speak, to cover all their emotional and spiritual needs, as well as their physical needs. You need to have the continuous support of the Lord through prayer, and the wisdom in how to approach a problem discreetly.

Your parental duties continue throughout your children’s life and continues on behalf of your grandchildren.

 Family traditions on how they handled problems in the past flows down through your family lineage, and through the family stories about their life experiences in the past, the family adds some ideas they used to survive.

Grandparents would tell their grandchildren about having everyone in the vicinity to bring their musical instruments over for a Saturday night sing. Old songs were sung and taught to the children, many times they sang hymns that they would sing at church the next morning.

The roots of Christianity remain strong in the family line and becomes the source of salvation for many of their offspring. Who doesn’t need the warmth of holy, heart-felt love to surround their life, along with the family members who love them enough to keep praying for them even when they seem their worst?

That legacy of loyalty in love, and the uniting force of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ through prayer, is the strength that will pull a family through the rough places in life and bring them back together.

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“Be A Good Parent, because holding love in your heart for your child, shows your greatest desire is to love, protect and encourage them to become their best in life and express caring concern toward others.”       Joan Jessalyn Cox  ~ Sharable Quote

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Love And Protect Your Children: Be A Good Parent by Joan Jessalyn Cox is an impactful, inspiring Christian-based counseling book for parents. Based on Biblical principles and crafted with only the best intentions in mind for Christian parents, this is a well-written and thoughtful guide to raising children with a Christian attitude, and how to interact with others in a positive way–a way that will help them and serve them in meaningful ways. There are a lot of parenting books available, and some of them are faith-based, so this is meant for a Christian audience, but it also has the potential for a wide-reaching appeal, as the message promotes kindness, generosity, and helping your children by strengthening bonds and instilling positive moral behaviors.

Cox has conscientiously outlined lessons that help prevent family conflicts and problems, not just address them as they occur, which could be considered too late in some circumstances. Trouble can arise in any family, and the author is aware of this, so the angle of her book is all about prevention, and always being in teaching and leading mode with your children, as well as love mode, of course. Teachable moments are important points in the text, and I like how the author stresses the themes of helping others be happy and reaching out to others with advice and a listening ear.

Some of the lesson topics include manners, being more moral, having and sharing values, advice on marriage, fostering self-discipline, how to admonish a child in a positive way, and many more. Doing something nice for someone without expecting anything in return, or praising others for a job well done by saying “Good job!” are just two examples of these simple yet profound lessons. The concepts are heartfelt and easy to understand and convey to children and other parents. With so many children being neglected and abused, this book on how parents can love and protect them comes at the perfect time. Love And Protect Your Children: Be A Good Parent by Joan Jessalyn Cox is ideal for parents, grandparents, Christian counselors, and other faith-based helping professionals.

Let Jesus Christ Lead Your Life In 2021


    Lack of Wisdom is Lack of Focus on Truth

     Don’t lose hope, sharpen your understanding!

Mindless hearing is meaningless hearing, it drives error like smoking wheels on a racecar.  

People interpret the words that are spoken to them, or overheard as they are spoken to others very differently.

We expect all people to interpret spoken or written words the same, but they are only interpreted according to the knowledge, understanding, and ability to focus on what is said or written in order to grasp the real meaning of the words as they are intended to be read or heard.

A hearing problem always has some jumbled meaning as well as the blurring of the articulation of the words they strain to hear.

You must also have mental awareness to focus on the spoken or written words to interpret them well. If you are not fully focused on what someone is saying mentally, it’s the same as having a muffler over your ears of understanding.

To hear and receive clearly what is spoken or written your physical ears, must also be equally engaged with the focus in your mind on what is being communicated to you.

When you are unconcerned about who is speaking, and what they are saying, your mind sends you in a different direction from what you are hearing or reading.

Your own thoughts take priority over what you are reading or hearing, you are not interested and veer away from being fully involved in the subject at hand. You are not engaged mentally with what you are hearing or reading, and you lose its accuracy through lack of sound concentration for mental clarity of interpretation of a matter.

To be engaged with what is being said or read, takes four major interactions. You must desire the information, respect the person delivering the information, and hear the information both physically and intellectually. You must be focused on what you are hearing or reading to thoroughly understand what you are being taught.

  • You must desire to know what is being said or read because you want or need the information. You must desire to know, or need the information.
  • You must respect the person delivering the information, you have either read or heard their communication and value it as good advice or someone has given you a good review, or recommendation about the material and the person conveying it. You must respect the person, and value their excellent advice, or discourse on the topic as sound material gathering.
  • You must be open to hearing or reading the communication, and be mentally focused on the material covered to understand the information, and learn its source for the substantiation of a fact driven truth.
  • Your mind must be mentally receptive and your ears hearing clearly before the message is received in its profound entirety. You must be focused, and desire the truth, to be able to retain it.

Our fast moving society not only scans their cell phones, books, articles, and documents but they also scan intellectually what is being said without fully grasping everything that is spoken, then they read a different meaning into what they’ve read than what has actually been conveyed to them.

Emotional hearing contains mental vagueness, more said, less heard, because a word, phrase, or statement activates their own mind to run off in many different directions than hearing and focusing on what is actually said.

When the hearer begins to try to recall what was said, it rarely finds its way to the exact meaning of what was heard. When people presume what is said they did not hear nor interpret what was said accurately.

When something is presumed to be something other than the accurate communication, they are hearing or reading; they are guessing the related matter means something that is usually opposite, twisted, or misleading by the re-interpretation in their mind.

The speaker’s or writers’ words were erroneously interpreted, meaning your truth just became erroneous, to the hearer it is now opposite from what you said, it is a lie.

Mindless hearing is when the hearer imagines what you said, but didn’t intellectually hear the true meaning of what was said. The presumption was wrong; they assumed a different meaning, and turned your truth to a lie, and gave you credit for their twisted version of your truth.

Mindless hearing is meaningless hearing, it drives error like smoking wheels on a racecar.  

You must hear clearly and truthfully to know, and establish the truth in your heart and mind, before you can be renewed, restored, and revived in faith, hope, and charity.

Trials and tribulations are brought on by a need for adjustment in our lives. You can’t correct what you don’t know exists in your life or what hinders you from growing, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Maturing emotionally means gaining better behavior responses.  

Perplexing problems happen because of lack of knowledge about the problem or lack of focus on the problem, or lack of addressing or confronting the problem until it reaches the crisis stage and can no longer be ignored.

Faith is focusing on what God does through his perfection, and not what we want to try to do better than God!

When you serve Jesus Christ the God of truth, read, and listen to His words of truth, you understand your weaknesses in your own human ways. Humanity is weak because their self-indulgent desires always leads their long list of priorities and becomes quicksand beneath their feet.

Our Holy God of truth is God because every human being needs someone greater than themselves to lead their life and guide them away from all they follow that causes their moral decay.

Every building must have a good foundation to weather the winds of change. Anyone during the tumult of unrest must have enough mental strength, as well as physical and spiritual strength, to stay sound and steady during chaotic times.

It improves the race of life when you know what you are racing for and always seek to improve at whatever you feel you are called on to do in life. When you yearn to learn to do  better the next time, you will always be searching for ways to improve.

A person who believes all the goodwill of God and seeks to know more about Jesus is the one who knows he can always become better his entire life as he drops the gospel seeds of truth into his heart. It’s the desire to improve that will push us on to attain spiritual maturity.

It’s all in the “will and the want to” as the old expression goes, that will is the desire that will cause people not to settle for less than what the Lord has made available for them to have and achieve.

Don’t lose hope!

It isn’t a good sign if you settle for less than you need, when you are seeking to be qualified to do your best. When you don’t have a desire for something better, you will lose hope, give up and settle for something less than your best.

When you lose hope, you lose your drive, determination, and motivation to succeed.

You can’t drive down the glory (victory) road unless you have been revived in your heart and mind to move forward with great desire and passion.

You must be motivated to accomplish more than what you think is possible. You have to have faith, great faith, mountain moving faith to accomplish all that Jesus Christ sets before you. All because the Lord knows you can do what he requires of you if you will do it!

When you become discouraged you feel hopeless and empty of all you need to rely on to help you become better, in all phases of your life that’s necessary to get a higher standard of living.

You lose purpose, drive, and satisfaction in your life when you lose hope. You become cast down in your demeanor, deflated and overwhelmed by every obstacle that presents itself in life.

You need to have your focus on a better view, value, and vision. You need to have great goals in your heart and confidence in your mind to achieve all higher milestones that you have set before you.

That clearer focus on the truth of the matter concerning anything you are pursuing will carry you further than any questionable ways in life you might choose to travel.

You either have faith and conquer the problems set before you, or the problems set before you will pull you down emotionally and conquer you. You can only restore your faith, hope, and charity, when you thoroughly understand your problem and resolve it.

The word order in scripture defines and refines the exactness of the divinely revealed truth of God’s Word.  You need to read God’s word enough to recognize whether you are being taught truth or error.

Truth is clearly explained in the Holy word of God, but not always clearly understood.

Prayer is the appeal to the Lord to answer our requests to solve problems and complications in our life. By faith, we accept the answer to prayer before we see its completion.

When we pray we are to have confidence in the One who always answers our prayers, Jesus Christ. When we trust Him to answer our prayers we are lifted up in all we pursue in life as we watch our prayers being answered one after the other all our life.

Follow Jesus Christ, during 2021 and believe Him above all you see and hear. Jesus will comfort and guide you through all that may be fearful in the chaotic days ahead. Faith in Jesus Christ is trusting Jesus because He is trustworthy. When you pray expect an answer because with His abundant love for his children Jesus desires to answer your prayer on the wings of your faith in Him.

Jesus Christ is the way maker and he’ll make a way of escape for you!

Worship Jesus the miracle worker knowing that Jesus Christ is still in control of all that is happening and watch him take care of you and answer your prayers.

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                             Love And Protect Your Children: Be A Good Parent

By Joan Jessalyn Cox

                     Love And Protect Your Children Answers the Question

                             How Can You Be A Good Parent?

 Learn Good Parenting Skills with biblical principles to understand your children’s needs.  Parents and children need sound information, and counseling, to develop effectually with positive outcomes in family relations. Parents need to know how to deal with life challenges successfully, to be a good parent. When children feel protected and safe, they feel we truly love them.                                                                                                                                          

Parents must have on the job training since they are inexperienced when they become parents. When they have love in their heart for the tiny life growing in the mother, and are  moved by affection for the child before they are born, that love continues to grow all their life.    

          Hearts Full of Hope Give Parents Strength To Face Parenting Challenges

Joan Jessalyn Cox quotes are yours to share, hopefully to inspire and encourage others.

“Who holds the mirror that reflects the image of the child they need to see of their better self?”

“Who is the “hero” in a child’s life that will give them values that will carry them through all the difficult times?”

“Who gives the child holy love from the heart, that will give them encouragement, kindness, and patience that will keep them feeling safe?”

                                            ~Joan Jessalyn Cox ~

                           “Children are the joy of life, the source of delight,

                         pride and hopefully satisfaction for their choices in life.”                        

                                    Joan Jessalyn Cox                                                       

“Good biblical promises secured in Jesus Christ deliver good beginnings with trustworthy standards that produce everlasting results!” “Heart-felt love and good beginnings prepares parents to serve those well who depend on them.”

“Good discipline is with loving concern for the children’s physical, emotional and spiritual   welfare we admonish it in a firm voice, but with no hardness, or harshness, but we give it in the warmth of loving care.”

“Be A Good Parent, because holding love in your heart for your child, shows your greatest desire is to love, protect and encourage them to become their best in life and express caring concern toward others.” 

Joan Jessalyn Cox quotes are yours to share, hopefully to inspire and encourage others.

                        “God’s Love is full of Mercy and Loving Kindness!”

                                      Love And Protect Your Children: Be A Good Parent

                                                                   By Joan Jessalyn Cox      


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                                     Love And Protect Your Children

                                           By Joan Jessalyn Cox     


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Parents and Grandparents Love and Protect God’s Children in a Legacy of Love



Here are two examples of good parenting and grandparenting in an excerpt from my new book, soon to be released in September 2020

Love And Protect Your Children: Be A Good Parent By Joan Jessalyn Cox

    Good Job Story

Learn how when you get good approval for what you do, it will lead to a greater desire to do what it takes to be rewarded with that praiseworthy approval for a job well done.

Joe is our grandson, and Cole Wade is our three year old great grandson, yes he is our great grandson and whatever he does looks and feels great to all his grandparents.

We have only been able to see him in person once, so all our getting to share his fun-filled up bringing has been the videos we see on our social media connections.

We have watched as his sweet caring mother has taught him, to distinguish the different colors and each time she would say, “What is that color?” and he would pipe up “green or yellow” or whatever color was in front of him. Dominique would say, “Good Job.” She would continue having him call out each of the colors and each time she would say, “Good Job.”

For a long time we would watch Cole Wade and his patient, loving mother teach him his alphabet, his numbers, and every time she would say with added emphasis, “Good Job!”

One day he was at his grandmothers and grandfathers house. Cole Wade and his grandmother Tana, were sitting outside on the ground digging in the dirt.

His grandfather Clifford was mowing and Cole Wade said, “He’s doing a good job,” he jumped up ready to run out to tell his grandfather he was doing a good job, when his grandmother said “No!” reaching up to hold him back. “You have to wait until he’s finished before you can run out where he’s mowing.”

Cole Wade was pushing his body against his grandmother’s hand, straining to run to his grandfather. “He’s doing a good job! I have to go tell him; he’s doing a good job.” He wanted to deliver his message of approval to his Grandfather because he needed to hear it.

When the lawnmower stopped and his grandfather got off the lawnmower, Cold Wade was there with a grin on his face, saying “Good Job! You did a good job!”

His grandmother and grandfather had big smiles on their faces as they saw Cold Wade doing a good job, in giving the same approval as his mother had given him for all he had done right in learning his lessons.

How much would be improved in children’s lives, and everyone who works so hard at any job, whether in school, college, on the job at work, or in the home, if they could hear “Good Job!” after a job well done?

Everyone needs approval after a job well done, and especially from parents, and grandparents. Take time to find something to approve of in your children’s life that will show them a greater truth, you are for them, not against them.

You will be giving them more than just a compliment. You will show them you care about them and can see when they try to do something good. They will see you are close enough to them to give them loving approval that can help them emotionally. It will be one of the ways that will prove you love them, and after all life’s complications they will find comfort and encouragement in knowing you do love them.

The ultimate goal in a child’s life is to know their parents really loves them, and to know at some time and in some way, they have done something that earns their parents approval.

When children, or anyone who needs the foundations for flourishing in life, instilled in their heart and mind, they will experience approval of a job well done. When they see they can accomplish an important task, achieve a great experience, or reach a higher goal they will have the necessary drive to finish what they start with greater energy.

When you instill lessons for thriving instead of just surviving they will have an inner desire to always reach for higher achievements in life.

Good Job Story is about encouraging children by complimenting them on a job well done, and the approval that will make them want to do better each time they are trying to accomplish something. If all you hear is negative that makes a person to stop trying to do a better job.

                           Parents and Grandparents can be good Samaritans

When danger like a flash rips through your awareness with a near deadly scene and needs an instant reaction, it takes an abundance of courage, to rush in with daring bravery.

Our oldest daughter Joanna was a young mother, who was visiting her grandmother one warm day. She stepped out on the front porch; she was very alert when she took in a very dangerous scene  that was about to happen.

A neighbor’s little girl with blond curly hair in a droopy diaper was toddling toward the busy street. She was about to step off the curb, onto the street, as a pickup was speeding down the street toward the child.

Joanna dashed to the street and grabbed the child out of harm’s way just before the pickup breezed by. The child would have been hit, had it not been for Joanna’s quick reaction. The baby reached up to Joanna’s face and gently patted her cheek.

When she carried the child up to the front door in her arms and knocked on the door, the woman said, with a scowl on her face. “What are you doing with my child?” She reached out and grabbed the child out of her arms, and slammed the door in her face.

Joanna said, “At least the baby let me know she thanked me, with the soft brush of a tiny hand against my cheek.”

Don’t expect people to be able to know the truth of any incident if they don’t see what happened, nor care what happened.

It will always be misread by people who don’t care about what has happened, nor will truth come from people who aren’t focused even if they happened to see an incident.

An interpretation of an incident especially if it is not clearly focused on, or have our full attention, will never be perceived accurately, that’s why so much error is circulating more than the truth.

Good Samaritans are those who stop, and rescue the people who need help, and they need it now! Not later, but at the current moment in time! They desperately need, brave courageous people with integrity, to assess the danger, and move quickly.

Champions dare to accept the challenge of quick thinking and action, that will always help others for only one reason, they have love in their heart for life. When something drastic happens and people need them to come to their aid, when it looks like there is no other way of escape from a danger facing them from which they can see no way out.

They need a good Samaritan, someone who is a good neighbor, and willing to risk their life, in an instant, to save someone in need.  They need someone who is ready at all times to put others needs above their own, simply because they care, and have compassion for others.

Parents, Grandparents and all who have genuine love and concern for people of all ages are needed to pray for all who are facing harsh, and painful things that are facing them every day.

Joanna’s example of sending scriptures daily to her grandchildren, and how it made them want to know more about Jesus Christ and the Bible is an easy way for loving parents, and grandparents to make a difference in their children and grandchildren’s lives.

Joanna our oldest daughter has seven grandchildren, she has been sending a scripture a day from her email, to all of them for a long time.

Alyssa would show her best friend the scripture every day and read it to her while she was still in school. Her friend would say, “That is so sweet, I wish my grandma would do that for me.”

The grandchildren would send her a smiley face or thumbs up icon to let her know they had seen the scripture that day.

The boys, Noah, Isaac, Jesse, and Colton would call or come to spend the night at their grandparents house, and ask questions about the Bible, and Jesus Christ. Sometime their discussion about the Lord and the Bible would last into the late hours of the night.

Joy Anna would nestle in her grandmothers arms as she would tell her a bible story, or sing her a song.

When Tyler was small he listened as his grandmother told him about Jesus, but he still couldn’t quite comprehend who Jesus was, or understand about prayer.

One day Joanna was putting up some decorated plates high on the dining room wall, and one had a painting on it of the last supper. When Tyler ask about the plate she told him about Jesus and the last supper.

Tyler eyes lit up as he said excitingly, “That’s Him! That’s Jesus?” She answered, “Yes Tyler, That’s Jesus.” When he had a picture in his mind of Jesus he could relate to him and believe in him enough to pray with his grandmother.

Joanna’s grandchildren felt secure in their hearts that they could call her for prayer when they needed it. The daily scriptures helped to keep the Lord on their mind, and to keep them encouraged, comforted and confident that they could get the answer they needed to help them when they were troubled about anything.

Alyssa was only two when the picture on the cover of this book was taken. Her grandfather, Marty was holding the mirror and said to Alyssa, “kiss the baby” but her big blue eyes looked back at him watching her kiss the baby.

When parents and grandparents realize all the ways their children are watching them and listening to them, and forming the thoughts around what they hear and say. They will know how important a role they truly play in how their hearts and minds are developed by their good input, or swayed away by the world’ interpretation of life, when they are neglected and not fully given the attention they so desperately need.


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            My Third Book

Love And Protect Your Children: Be A Good Parent By Joan Jessalyn Cox

Copyright © 2020 By Joan Jessalyn Cox

Peaceful Protest Protects People

by Joan Jessalyn Cox

Peaceful Protest Protects People

Protest is to express opposition by a strong reasonable argument. A peaceful conflict almost sounds like an impossible thing to accomplish when tempers are raging about a legitimate and actionable need to protest.

It is a reasonable need to protest when someone like George Floyd is murdered right in front of millions of people. It’s how you protest whether you become a hero or a lawless renegade whose voice is lost in the mob of people perpetrating an even greater crime by violence in the streets.

Martin Luther King Jr proved to the world how to lead a Peaceful Protest, that has proven to have made a great change in our whole countries outlook. But his legacy needs to be once again refreshed in the minds of the people.

Too many were not born yet, or have moved to America and wasn’t acquainted with Dr. Martin Luther Kings noble way of leading so many people to change their minds and attitudes to care about all people of color.

He led many peaceful protests that made people question how they had so neglectfully accepted such miserable prejudice against people, who didn’t deserve the terrible way they were treated.

The peaceful principle for protesting the foul way they were treated was to be a rallying call for people to make their voices known in a reasonable but insightful way.


The following is an excerpt from a book I’m writing called Heroes of the Heart:                       Noble people have a uniqueness that no one else can rival by Joan Jessalyn Cox


  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.    A Peaceful Walk of Faith


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had a deep desire to follow Jesus, he ask Jesus help to lead his people to a victorious march for freedom from civil oppression and emotional bondage.

“God is not interested merely in the freedom of black men, and brown men, and yellow men; God is interested in the freedom of the whole human race.” Dr. Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King’s calling for his mission in life was so strong that it took priority over everything else in his life. He dedicated every ounce of strength he had to serve his God, his country, and his people of color, to motivate them to stand up with a peaceful march for freedom for all people who were and are oppressed.

“Use me, God. Show me how to take who I am, who I want to be, and what I can do, and use it for a purpose greater than myself.” Dr. King

Dr. Martin Luther King wanted to lead the civil liberties march in a peaceful way, a way approved of God because of his great love for Jesus Christ. He always knew his Christian citizenship was excellent because of his love for the Bible and Jesus Christ, but he grieved that his people of color were still oppressed, and not being recognized for their own merit.

Dr. King motivated all people to see the “big picture” his future vision for a better relationship between the races, all being accepted on their own self-worth.

“I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.”…I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” Dr. King

Dr. Martin Luther King set a high moral standard by how to protest old forbidding ways of racial prejudice, by peaceful ways. His leadership of victory marches to protest the ever prevalent bias between the races, became the guiding light for all peaceful protests to follow.

Dr. Martin Luther King had a deep desire to lead people to Jesus Christ, to help people to find that inner peace that only comes from Jesus Christ dwelling in their heart and soul by his precious words of truth dwelling in their heart.

“One day we will learn that the heart can never be totally right if the head is totally wrong. Only through the bringing together of head and heart—intelligence and goodness—shall man rise to a fulfillment of his true nature.” Dr. King

He was so effective in his mission by combining his preaching the gospel, and telling people that they can peacefully present their cause by standing up and peacefully marching. They could with Christian kindness make a greater impression on people with the truth, to show their passionate need for change.

Dr. King’s well known messages touched the hearts of people who had grown up with despair because of their own lack of hope by being treated so bad most of their life.

Dr. King would not live long enough to see that over many, many years his dream for better relationships between the races could and would happen among some of the peacemakers. His short life reaped great rewards over a long period of time.

Bias between the races would always be evident in those whose evil knows no race but works in violence against all people. He was assassinated when he was only 39 years old, he was murdered in 1968.

Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated while on the balcony of his hotel room, in Memphis Tennessee. His last words spoken were to his long-time friend and musician Ben Branch, “Ben, make sure you play ‘Take My Hand, Precious Lord’ in the meeting tonight. Play it real pretty.”

Moments later Martin Luther King, would stand before the Lord Jesus Christ, feeling free at last from the oppressions of the world.

(End of the excerpt)

Violence took the life of a man whose legacy will last as long as people can tell his story of his lasting love for his people. He valued life enough to do his protesting with peace, while living in a violent world.

Dr. Martin Luther King is one of my heroes, for all the good he did toward bringing good people together. It’s time for good people to pay their respects to a job well done by a “Hero of our hearts” and once again renew our vow to protest in a peaceable way.

We must instead of becoming part of a crowd as violent as the one who murdered an innocent man in front of the world, be a pattern of change and protest peacefully.

Let the good people’s voices be heard and encourage justice to be done, legally and in order because that is the reasonable way to address this terrible murderous act upon George Floyd.

Let peace reign in a “peaceful march” to respect the man so cruelly murdered and to respect Dr. Martin Luther King who so bravely gave his life, that others might address their own failure to respect all people according to their character, not because of their color.

We will echo, the quote from Dr. Martin Luther King once again because we want it to be etched in your mind, and a leading element for you to step up with good means of righting the wrongs of the heart and mind, by renewing all he stood for in a peaceful means of protest. Teach those who weren’t born yet, or living in America how to be great by protesting in peace, and treating others as you want to be treated, equally and with kindness. Bring back Dr. Martin Luther Kings legacy of peace! Do him proud, live with a good heart to others and try to be somebody’s hero.

“One day we will learn that the heart can never be totally right if the head is totally wrong. Only through the bringing together of head and heart—intelligence and goodness—shall man rise to a fulfillment of his true nature.” Dr. Martin Luther King

“ Blessed are the peacemakers; for they shall be called the children of God.”                               Holy Bible

My desire with this article is that it will encourage people to step up in a good way to effect a good change in one’s heart and mind toward all people and to only protest peacefully.

Joan Jessalyn Cox

Please sent people to my blog to read this important message for themselves. I appreciate your caring consideration about having peaceful protests enough to want to send your friends to read this blog.

Thanks for sharing this blog with others to encourage a safe way to protest.

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The Return of Jesus Christ in Christmas

The Return of Jesus Christ in Christmas

The cool evening night lit up gloriously when the angels appeared before the shepherds long ago near Bethlehem.

“And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over the flock by night.”

“And, lo the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid.”

“And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.”

“For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.”

“And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes lying in a manger.”

“And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying,”

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.”              Luke 2: 8-14

The announcement that a child was born, was of great importance to all who have heard about that glorious moment down through the ages. People of all nations have heard that long ago proclamation by the angels at Jesus Christ’s birth. The amazing announcement was to show why Jesus was born. The point of his birth was as bright as a beam from the star his purpose was to save humanity by being the only one who can and will forgive their many sins. It was to show his purpose of salvation by giving them a way of escape from the torment of lawlessness, and bring the means to have peace and good will toward all people.

Jesus Christ has been a glorious, holy spotlight of hope for a change in people’s heart in response to his holy words in the Bible, that taught all who came to him how to love with respect one for the other from the heart.

We find that the message of importance brought to our attention by the angels, was to seek Jesus Christ who as the holy Son of God came to change our heart and life to one of kindly service to the people around us. To be like Jesus we must be the peacemaker and the person who knows how to love with a pure, clean heart to help others to find rest and peace enough to show people who Jesus Christ is as Savior.

Jesus is the only one who can help us escape the pain and sorrow of lawlessness. He can help us find a life full of happiness, by his caring guidance in all we do. It happens because of the unique life of Jesus who is God born as a human being to show us the perfect example of how to live like Jesus Christ.

I remember the sweetness of honoring Jesus Christ at Christmas, through Christmas seasons of the past. When I was in the second grade, we had a Christmas play about Jesus Christ’s birth, and we sang Christmas carols.

When I returned home from school mother told me another surprise, we were to meet my dad after work for another Christmas treat.

It was a snowy evening as my mother and I walked several blocks to town to meet my dad after he got off work at 6:00. That walk is forever etched in my memory. The blue gray sky so full of the falling snowflakes, they were landing on my eyelashes, and whisper kissing my forehead and red cheeks with cool touches.

I still remember the smell of wood burning, that swirled through the air with the falling icy sting of the snow. We could see the colored lights of Christmas decorations as they started twinkling on and off as we neared downtown.

We were to have a Christmas treat before Christmas since we were so far away from our immediate family in Oklahoma.

It was pay day, and we were going to get to eat out, and go to a movie. The Christmas feel was evident everywhere even with the smell of evergreen trees floating in the fragrant air, so when the Church bells rang out and lingered in the icy smoke filled atmosphere, we longingly remembered Christmas back home.
We had big family gatherings on Christmas Eve and on Christmas day, and each event had their greatest emphasis on Jesus Christ, from reading of the Christmas story about Jesus Christs’ birth, to the Christmas carols so lovingly sung by all the family.

We reverenced Jesus Christ, his birth and his life, so much so that we all wanted to share his love and devotion with one another. We went to church, to hear sermons about Jesus Christ and his love for all people. We attended church plays about Jesus Christ’s birth, so each generation in the family would know the source of our faith in Jesus Christ and how and why we should strive to be loyal to him and become like him in our character.

I love to return to that simpler life of long ago, when Christmas focused on the life and birth of Jesus Christ and how his birth affected all of humanity. It brings warmth to the heart of everyone who has warm memories and stories of love for Jesus Christ and love for their family.

Calling all Christians, it’s time to return Jesus Christ in Christmas traditions.
~ Joan Jessalyn Cox


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Give a gift of increased faith to all you care about, lift them up when they are down, and keep on praying to Jesus Christ. He answers your prayers, sincerely prayed in love according to his will. 

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The Spirit Of Truth Is Power: Reviving Faith In Jesus Christ by Joan Jessalyn Cox

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Lord, I Can’t Climb This Mountain By Myself


Life and death are in the hands of God. You are headed to your death from the day you are born. Death is so final, you think you are ready but when it happens, you are not always ready.
My friend said, during my grieving for my son, as I prayed, I said, Lord I can’t climb this mountain by myself.
My friend was thinking back to many years ago when she lost her son, they had three daughters and one son, who was killed when he was still young.
He had gone on a hunting trip with his friends and some of them had taken their sons with them. Deer season had opened and they liked to go hunting together and some of them decided they had son’s old enough to learn how to hunt.
Their son had decided to take his young teenage son with him, they had all discussed that when you shook the branches on a bush, sometime it brought a deer out of the underbrush because you could tell a deer was nearby.
Their son shook the branches of the bush to attract the deer, and his son shot the gun because he thought a deer was there shaking the bush, and he shot his dad.
Her son was still alive when they all came running and were calling the ambulance, but he was bleeding profusely. He told his son, Don’t blame yourself, I’m alright I’m going to heaven. Then he died among his friends as tears were flowing and they were mourning his death.
When his mother and dad, and sisters were informed they were shocked, and overwhelmed with grief. They prayed as friends and family rushed in to try to console them, but too many times they were at a loss for words.
Patty, my friend said, “I told God that I couldn’t climb that mountain by myself, because I need you Jesus to pull me up that mountain and we can slide down the other side together.”
As we continued to talk about her grief when she lost her son these many years later, she said her comfort came as the Lord showed her not to fear death. She has comforted so many people who are going through the most drastic grief in their life, either facing death themselves or having someone close to them facing death.
As we talked, she said the following.
“When death comes it shows the hand of God, doctors can do a great job, but God is still in control of death and life. There’s nothing to fear about death, because you are stepping in the arms of God. The angels are coming to escort you though death, the kingdom of Satan. It takes the fear out of death when you know that God is in control of all things.”
Quote of the 23rd psalms from the Holy Bible, to encourage all those who need to be lifted up in spirit during the pangs of a hurting heart and the distress of life.
“The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. (we shall never want, need, or desire something that the Lord will not provide, when it fulfills his will for our life.)
“He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.” (The Lord provides spiritual rest and spiritual food)
“He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.” (He restores us, and leads us in the right paths.)
“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.” (The Lord gives us confidence to face the hardest times in our life and he leads us through the waters of rest, because his presence comforts us during the storms of life.)
“Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.” ( We have spiritual feasts, and spiritual fulness in the Lords presence.)
“Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.” (We are promised God’s goodness and mercy where his presence will continue with us all the days of our lives. It’s because we love to be in Jesus presence that we love to be in his house. His house can be the church or our own home where we pray and feel his presence continuously.) Psalms 23: 1-6

When you know that you are going up in the rapture, you will awaken from slumber of religious drifting to accept the fullness of God’s mercy.

Quotes from people who rely on Jesus Christ to comfort and be ever present with them during their times of trouble.

Actual quotes from people who are in the midst of spiritual growth, and sometimes feeling the growth pangs of heartache and despair as they face the finality of death.
“One more dose won’t hurt, is what was told a young mother, but it killed our little child.” Parents quote about what happened to their child.
“I want to get born again because I want to feel like I did the other day when I got born again.”

The mother of that child that died, made this statement, who had been ministered to by my friend who had gone through the pains of losing of her son. My friend was able to lead her to the Lord and comfort her with the healing of hope in Jesus Christ. The young mother wanted to feel that wonderful feeling she had when she accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior.
While I wrote this article, it was actually written by the people who went through the hurt, help and healing that only prayer to Jesus Christ, and the move of the Holy Spirit of God that ultimately can heal the hurts of humanity.

The merciful love and power of our resurrected Jesus Christ can heal the emotional, physical and spiritual hurt that bruises the hearts and minds of people in their life’s journey. ~ Joan Jessalyn Cox

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How Do We Approach Racism Peacefully?

By Joan Jessalyn Cox

“Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God.” Matthew 5:9

What is racism?

How petty would it be to look at someone’s skin color and decide whether they are good or evil. It is a foolish idea that because someone is different in any way that they don’t feel pain, get hurt feelings, can’t understand truth and bleed a different color of blood.
Humanity, people from every nation, has to first understand the value of human life, to place value on all human life. When any individual or group of people believes that human life from a different culture is no longer worth living, we have lost the true value of living. To place value on life is preserving the goodness in humanity, and avoiding the evil that exists to annihilate humanity.
There are good and bad people from every nation. We establish their value by recognizing their merit, how they treat others, how they conduct themselves, and their behavior in relationships with others.
People who are egotistical, self-indulgent, immoral, unkind, jealous, and loaded with guilt themselves, try to blame their own faults on others, and make them a scape-goat for their own failings. Petty people spew hatred toward anyone who is different from themselves.
Petty means small, trivial or insignificant in quantity or quality. Such as: petty grievances. Of contemptibly narrow mind or views: petty outlook. That petty outlook is spiteful, and mean. Isn’t it ironic that it also means of subordinate or inferior rank, meaning that the pettiness in racism comes from a mind that is subordinate to others influence that indoctrinates them to be a racist. A petty opinion of people of another race is inferior in its ability to form correct opinions of, or relate to people who are different, in color and culture.
A petty mind and it’s opinions arise from an insignificant point of view, because one’s color is not showing you who they really are, or where they are coming from in their personal perspective of life. A bias opinion about people of another race remains of no value in determining the merit of their true personality, behavior patterns, or their mental astuteness.
A petulant attitude is unreasonably irritable or ill-tempered, or peevish. It jabs at, and attacks people of other cultures because it makes them feel superior, all the while they are showing how small they are in their inflated attitudes of themselves and they bully others as most cowards do.
A prejudiced person creates havoc wherever they go and drown people in their inane chatter, that is never in true value to anyone around them. It’s their repetition of hatred that diminishes them. If there was anything of value in their thinking it is overshadowed with the hatred that is being expressed in their whole demeanor, when they choose to demean, and bully others around them.
The conflict of racism creates discord, strife, contention, and conflict because it comes forth from hatred. Why hate someone just because of their skin color, or lack thereof? Why abuse others by name calling, assaulting and attacking them simply because you feel you are superior to someone who is different than you? It makes no common sense to judge someone other than the value of what they deliver, in their behavior to others. If they do good, appreciate them, if they do evil steer clear of them and partake not in their evil. Don’t be deceived, people from every nation have good people and bad people to admire or contend with. Evaluate them according to their behavior, the merit of how well or how bad you or the people around you are treated.
What creates racism are lies and the outcome is evil incited and delivered by people who hate because they instigate a warring attitude because of racial lines.
Hatemongers are liars that incite people to respond in confrontations that can wind up in some form of assault from slander, bullying or as dire and final as murder.
Monger is a person promoting something undesirable. Used in combination with another word, such as: scandalmonger; warmonger.
What incites and ignites the fiery flames of racial discrimination comes from any group that chooses to label someone who is not a racist, but uses the “racist” name calling, to slander them. Its hatred of truth and reality that echoes so frequently and loudly that it tattoos the minds of the people who don’t stop to think for themselves.
The liars, blaming the people of truth, jump on the loudest bandwagon of lies and slander to create chaos for the instigators. It doesn’t matter to the rumbling crowd who jumps on the bandwagon of hatemongering, whether they know the truth or not, as long as they spew lies and are hissing hateful speeches.
“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14 KJV Holy Bible.
How can you confront racism, and begin to change it and create a peaceful atmosphere?

People who know the truth can differentiate between those who are stirring up the protest to cause confusion and hate, from those who are being called a racist, who are instead the people who know the truth and wants to promote peace.
How can you tell the difference between a hate monger, and a peace maker?
You can always tell the hatemonger because they want to incite violence from their conversations, and they always lie. Hateful people lie, and want to destroy someone, or something with vicious aggression.
Peacemakers tell the truth, and want to help people to be happy, content and worry free. When people have peace in their heart and mind, they try to inspire others to be their best, and encourage them in a peaceful and calm way.
A good person with high morals and purpose will want to help all people more than themselves .When in truth they usually have done more for people they have encountered of all races to have a better life, because of the principles they live by and the compassion they feel for others.
“Grace be to you and peace from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ.” Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort;”

“Who comfort us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God.”                        2 Corinthians 1:2-4 KJV Holy Bible
The most comforting companion you can have is Jesus Christ. You can talk to him day or night. When no one else is around, Jesus is with you waiting to hear your voice, knowing you welcome Him into your presence.
When we were young and attended church we would sing, Jesus Loves the little children, all the children of the world. Red, and yellow, black, brown and white, they are precious in his sight. Jesus Loves the little children of the world. That song was a comfort to the children and the adults, because everyone needs to know they are loved. People need to be comforted and loved from the “cradle to the grave” they need a “good neighbor” to encourage them during chaotic times.
The comfort of Jesus Christ when accepted by faith is a state of ease or well-being in rest and peace. Jesus Christ gives hope to those who are in distress because of sin, sickness, and mental disturbances.
“I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: for thou, Lord only makes me dwell in safety.” Psalms 4:8 KJV Holy Bible
Joan Jessalyn Cox author of the Foundational Faith In Truth Series of books. Joan Jessalyn Cox is the former editor of International Christian News. She has been keynote speaker at Women’s Conferences, and spoke at Christian Writer’s Conferences. Joan has taught foundational truth and deliverance in bible studies, and counseled people with spiritual needs. Her husband is Evangelist Tommy L Cox.


Joan’s first book in the series title:

The Spirit of Truth is Power: Reviving Faith in Jesus Christ by Joan Jessalyn Cox
The second books title:

Victorious Faith In Jesus Christ: Creates Good Christian Conduct by Joan Jessalyn Cox

Grandma’s First Bible

Answered Prayer Stories
Grandmother’s First Bible
In 1919 my grandparents lived in Santa Fe Oklahoma while my grandfather worked in the oil field.
In those days they had to arrange to live in the best way they could, it was long before anyone could go to a new location and have access to real housing as we now know it.
They lived in a large tent, grandmother cooked on an iron stove, and she swept the hard-red clay dirt that was the floor of the large tent. They had three small children and two metal framed beds, a few pots, pans and dishes, and a wooden rocking chair.
When the wind blew hard the dry red dust would fill the air and ride the currents across the dry land.
My grandmother longed for a bible to read, but she knew few people in the area, and fewer still that had a bible. Everyday grandma would pray for a bible to read. One day a storm with wind racing down the road, made the tent flap slap furiously and the tent to sway as the wind grew into a heavy billowing gust.

Grandmother kept the children on the big metal bed, while she watched the growing storm clouds gather. She was ready to put them under the bed when it got too bad. She saw some loose paper sheets swirling around down the dust covered road. She cautioned the children to stay on the bed while she rushed out to gather some of the pages of the book. She gathered up eight pages from a Bible, and she was so happy that she now could read from the bible. That was my grandparents first Bible.
Many times, I have seen on the Internet various videos showing people from other nations who have prayed for many years for a Bible. I would see them as they rejoiced when they finally would have a box of Bibles sent to a church, and they thank the Lord for the opportunity to read the Bible. They hungered for God’s word, like people starving for much-needed food.
We need to see that desire here in America. Instead of hungering and thirsting for the amazing word of God, our people have become shut-off from being receptive to God’s truth. They first became gospel hardened, with a hardened heart toward other people, they became unkind and cruel. They became resistant to Jesus Christ by being persuaded to live with a double-minded perspective of the world system.
They have wavered from the truth, by swinging back and forth, like a pendulum. People have professed more than they possessed of God’s truth. They have tried to accept Jesus statements in the Bible, but they haven’t fully believed them to produce life-changing faith. They have been persuaded more by the unclean habits of the people of the world, than the clean habits of resting in the faith of Jesus Christ.
You can only have peace, rest and contentment in your belief in Jesus Christ when you can love others as yourself. When you can fill your mind, heart and soul with the wonderful life changing words of Jesus Christ’s truth.
Joan Jessalyn Cox
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