Joan Jessalyn Cox Says will be filled with my articles and quotes, hopefully they will make a difference in the lives they touch.

I’m first and foremost a servant of Jesus Christ. I live to be my best for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Jesus is the center of my life, my ministry is to hopefully help as many people in the world as possible to know how special they are to Jesus Christ.

If I can encourage, inspire and educate people to know more about the absolute truth of God’s word, and help them to be able to mature in the things of God, I will be happy. If I help others to move strengthened in their God-given gifts, and understanding of God’s truth to become more skilled in the Word of the Lord, I will be rewarded in heaven. I will know I have completed my journey on earth by helping others to spread the gospel through their strengthened faith in Jesus Christ.

I am an author, teacher and counselor who desires with my whole heart to please Jesus Christ, and to grow in spirit and in truth. I want to encourage, edify and help my fellow believers in Jesus Christ to be made stronger in their ministries. I believe all Christians can reach out to the world around them in full faith in Jesus Christ, to expound the full truth.

What a difference it makes when all Christians from around the world can trust the Lord fully, and come together in faith and truth, to become the whole “body of Christ” that Jesus Christ intended them to be. When Christians rise up in faith and truth to  do the best, millions for Jesus Christ will be united in prayer. They will heed the warning signs of the time, to believe Jesus our Lord for all the miracles that will be occurring, during the wrapping up of all times.

Beloved believers in Jesus Christ, it’s time to believe the whole Bible, and experience all that Jesus Christ needs for you to be to all those whose life you influence daily. You can be a stronger believer, and you can do the good works of God according to his holy word, by the leadership of the Holy Spirit!

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