What’s Missing in Our Current Chaotic Culture

Wholesome Thinking, and Wholesome Living

By Joan Jessalyn Cox

"From the first blink of a baby's eye as it enters into this world, they need to have the tender loving care that will teach and enable them to raise up in surroundings that will love and protect them from all harm, as they are nurtured in life to become their best self." Joan Jessalyn Cox from Love and Protect Your Children. 

The learning process is taken one step at a time, and information is received better upon a clean, undisturbed mental slate, such as a young child’s uncluttered mind.

When anyone’s mind, especially a child’s mind, is being filled with filthy clutter, lessons must work through the mental garbage dumped into their environment and young minds.

When children are taught, and shown sexual material, and illustrations too early in life, it distracts them with material they are too young to know. These deviations brought into teaching material disturb their thinking and are a major hindrance in their learning process for a sound education.

When parents take their children to see vulgar displays of sexual activities passed off as entertainment, they are contributing to their psychological abuse, which sets them up to accept physical abuse. We should hold the parents and the people involved in sexual seduction activities accountable for abusing children.

Parents are supposed to love and protect their children. Good parents want their children to have a healthy mind and body, so they can feel good about themselves and have parents who want to shelter them from all harm, even within their own home.

What is missing in our current chaotic culture? Wholesome thinking and wholesome living.

What lessons can we learn from the golden childhood of yester years? It was a time when children could live with an innocent outlook on life. They could run and play free of mental disturbances and physical assault. Children could grow up gradually and learn with a clearer mind. They didn’t have dangerous surroundings to keep them drowning in fear. They didn’t have to be so apprehensive of adults lurking near them with corrupt desires circling them like wolves on the hunt ready to snatch away their innocence.

Trusting the untrustworthy is the beginning of all your sorrows and defeats in your life, and will continue to work their evil delusions upon you or your family as long as you tolerate their presence in your life.

Deviant people exist who, with disturbed minds, yearn to invade children’s frail, pure minds and bodies. Who will protect our children? Who are courageous enough to stand up and defend the children? Where are the heroes when weakened parents cannot, or will not, help their children?

Parents, and other people in a child’s life that loves them purely from the heart, care enough to cherish them and to protect children from a vile and vicious world. Parents who stand up against all demoralization from the elements of morally impure activities that will hurt their children in body, mind or spirit will make a courageous stand against all elements of ungodly filth.

Parents love their children enough to protect them from all intrusions into their life that will rob them of practical thinking and they will protect them during their innocent growing seasons, all their life.

Trustworthy parents, family and friends will show how the loyalty of pure love from the heart instills the love of Jesus that is holy because Jesus teaches us that holy love comes from the heart.

Jesus Christ’s everlasting words of truth emphasizes heartfelt love of God that radiates from the heart with purity.

When people accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior through reading and understanding his words from the Bible, truth changes the believer’s outlook on life. Truth refreshes your soul and spirit (attitude) because truth will win a victory over all sin (lawlessness).

Wholesome thinking and living brings peace to the soul, and victory by faith in Jesus Christ to help others in our lives, especially children and others who suffer hurt and are bruised by the same elements of evil at work in the world today.

Jesus is our abundant hope. When living according to his word, our honest character is established and fulfilled, because it renews and cleanses his beloved people.   Honesty springs forth from truth.

“Jesus saith, unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life; no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” John 14:6

“Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.”

“Blessed are the merciful; for they shall obtain mercy.”

“Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.”

“Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.”  Matthew 5:6-9

Understand that the phrase “children of God” shows the Lord’s loving, protecting, and preserving merciful love toward all who love and accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

The previous quotes of Jesus Christ’s everlasting words of truth are found at the end of my last book. Heroes Of The Heart Book Of Quotes: Christian Heritage Honored In Heroes by Joan Jessalyn Cox

Quotes about children are from my book, Love And Protect Your Children by Joan Jessalyn Cox

“Teaching and nurturing your children to face the challenges of life with confidence, gives them greater strength to face the realities of life.”

“When you invest in the good upbringing of a child you are investing in your nation’s future.”

“The value of good parental training of children must never be undervalued; it is necessary for them to have a happy and fulfilled life.”

Written by Joan Jessalyn Cox    https://joanjessalyncox.com


” A beautiful attitude is like sunshine to the soul.”

Quotes by Joan Jessalyn Cox from my books:

Love and Protect Your Children Heroes Of The Heart Book Of Quotes

I welcome and encourage all quotes by others of my quotes.

I love good quotes and believe most authors would be honored to have people quote what they have written.

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