Compassion and Patience Must Come From Both Parents and Children

Parents and children must know that perfection is not part of our natural nature. Learning through trial and error is the natural process of intellectual maturity.                                           Joan Jessalyn Cox ~ Sharable Quotes

It takes great compassion from both parents and children, during their growing seasons, to have patience and consideration toward one another when they disagree about something.

Experience drives home the lessons we need to learn. When we must either prove or disprove a concept by living through an incident, situation, or circumstance, we are learning through our experiences. When we must use our five senses to help us know whether our perception of that concept is right or wrong, we gain a more intense understanding through our experiential lessons.

We need the test of time, and trial and error, to challenge us and pose the questions we need answers to.  We can find the path we need to travel, to be all we can be as we become our original self, through our life lessons of trial and error.

Parents and children needs someone to guide them with patience and compassion, because we are all sensitive to people around us and their emotions affect the people whose life they touch to either inspire or destroy their human will.  

“For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope.  

Now the God of patience and consolation grant you to be like minded one toward another according to Christ Jesus.”  Romans 15:4&5

When we pray our confidence grows according to our faith in Jesus Christ, and when you give your need to Jesus to be your strength and motivation, the Lord will get you to where He wants you to be.

The wisdom we gain when we know compassion is the better part of valor, is discovering the truth, to make necessary changes to transform our ways, by renewing our mind, and choosing to live according to God’s truth.

The human will must be engaged to make a significant change, you can only change according to the change in one’s personal choices in life. The human will is the mental faculty by which one deliberately chooses, or decides upon a course of action. Acting upon ones choice involves having a great enough desire, for implementing the energy and wisdom necessary to make any change, and especially a significant change in one’s life. Many times fear and worry will hinder, distract, detour, or destroy one moving toward a great change in their life.

Every one balks at change, the bigger the change appears to be, the more we dig our heels in the sand and stop all movement toward change. Many times change can’t come just by knowing it should happen. Sometimes it takes catastrophic things to happen before we are catapulted into action.

“Your will to do something substantial has to be driven by a great desire to make the move happen.”     Joan Jessalyn Cox ~ Sharable Quotes

You will not move until you want to move, whether you must change a job, associates, the place you live, or to seek a greater education you must experience the push of fire, in your desire to make life changes. We must always know we can do better no matter who we are.

“You won’t move until your spark of desire is set on fire. Some call it motivation, inspiration, or desperation.”      Joan Jessalyn Cox ~ Sharable Quotes

Parents may resist or hesitate at their own leap of faith in a significant change and turn the tide when dealing with a change in their child’s life. They might become excessively demanding when a child hesitates about a serious change in their own life.

 Patience in anyone’s life is needed when they need time to think on all that is necessary to make a great change. As a parent you must become the more mature one in how you treat a problem in your child’s life. Change is change whether small or great, and most must have time to decide to move on.

You must think through the misgivings you had before you could overcome your own desire to shirk a duty to change. When you wanted to remain in the comfort of your own well-worn way to live, it’s the same hurtle everyone must overcome to accept change.

How do you, as someone who has faced change and conquered your fears, help others to not only conquer their fears, but to create a desire to be transformed by renewing their mind? What do you say to people who not only need to have the desire to change, but to also be fortified enough to have the inner drive to do it?

How do you fire up people’s desire to climb victory mountain one step at a time?

Whoever you are inspiring with the truth of God’s word and urging them to move by his Holy Spirit in faith, will move when God’s ways in handling a change or situation is activated by prayer!

“Compassion is that tender hearted person who looks beyond one’s faults and sees their needs, to relieve hurts by forgiving the offender.”                                                                                  Joan Jessalyn Cox ~ Sharable Quotes

We find valor in that brave person, who sees all the wrong in another person, but will carry on with bold fortitude to stand up for truth, when someone else is resisting with aggressive force to stay caught in a web of evil.

Do you know someone that is caught in a web of evil, and it’s destroying their life? Do you have children that greatly need to be snatched out of the clutches of evil people’s influence?

A person who is so deceived by a false belief will curse and threaten you, to keep from accepting your confrontation with them about the truth, they may be a hard case indeed, but praying for them can help them come to the end of their rebellion.

A parent must be patience and forbearing like Jesus for the sake of the person poisoned enough to be engulfed with tormenting addictions, or led astray by overbearing people with penetrating lies. It might be your own child or the lost child of someone who is neglecting, or abusing the young person who cries in the dark.

 When young people are being controlled with threats on their life or with drugs, they need your courage to go above and beyond what you want to do. They need your compassion in order to help them be delivered from the evil clutches of those who want to destroy their life.

Raising children is the greatest challenge in life you can have, because you are required to wear many hats, so to speak, to cover all their emotional and spiritual needs, as well as their physical needs. You need to have the continuous support of the Lord through prayer, and the wisdom in how to approach a problem discreetly.

Your parental duties continue throughout your children’s life and continues on behalf of your grandchildren.

 Family traditions on how they handled problems in the past flows down through your family lineage, and through the family stories about their life experiences in the past, the family adds some ideas they used to survive.

Grandparents would tell their grandchildren about having everyone in the vicinity to bring their musical instruments over for a Saturday night sing. Old songs were sung and taught to the children, many times they sang hymns that they would sing at church the next morning.

The roots of Christianity remain strong in the family line and becomes the source of salvation for many of their offspring. Who doesn’t need the warmth of holy, heart-felt love to surround their life, along with the family members who love them enough to keep praying for them even when they seem their worst?

That legacy of loyalty in love, and the uniting force of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ through prayer, is the strength that will pull a family through the rough places in life and bring them back together.

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