Parents and Grandparents Love and Protect God’s Children in a Legacy of Love



Here are two examples of good parenting and grandparenting in an excerpt from my new book, soon to be released in September 2020

Love And Protect Your Children: Be A Good Parent By Joan Jessalyn Cox

    Good Job Story

Learn how when you get good approval for what you do, it will lead to a greater desire to do what it takes to be rewarded with that praiseworthy approval for a job well done.

Joe is our grandson, and Cole Wade is our three year old great grandson, yes he is our great grandson and whatever he does looks and feels great to all his grandparents.

We have only been able to see him in person once, so all our getting to share his fun-filled up bringing has been the videos we see on our social media connections.

We have watched as his sweet caring mother has taught him, to distinguish the different colors and each time she would say, “What is that color?” and he would pipe up “green or yellow” or whatever color was in front of him. Dominique would say, “Good Job.” She would continue having him call out each of the colors and each time she would say, “Good Job.”

For a long time we would watch Cole Wade and his patient, loving mother teach him his alphabet, his numbers, and every time she would say with added emphasis, “Good Job!”

One day he was at his grandmothers and grandfathers house. Cole Wade and his grandmother Tana, were sitting outside on the ground digging in the dirt.

His grandfather Clifford was mowing and Cole Wade said, “He’s doing a good job,” he jumped up ready to run out to tell his grandfather he was doing a good job, when his grandmother said “No!” reaching up to hold him back. “You have to wait until he’s finished before you can run out where he’s mowing.”

Cole Wade was pushing his body against his grandmother’s hand, straining to run to his grandfather. “He’s doing a good job! I have to go tell him; he’s doing a good job.” He wanted to deliver his message of approval to his Grandfather because he needed to hear it.

When the lawnmower stopped and his grandfather got off the lawnmower, Cold Wade was there with a grin on his face, saying “Good Job! You did a good job!”

His grandmother and grandfather had big smiles on their faces as they saw Cold Wade doing a good job, in giving the same approval as his mother had given him for all he had done right in learning his lessons.

How much would be improved in children’s lives, and everyone who works so hard at any job, whether in school, college, on the job at work, or in the home, if they could hear “Good Job!” after a job well done?

Everyone needs approval after a job well done, and especially from parents, and grandparents. Take time to find something to approve of in your children’s life that will show them a greater truth, you are for them, not against them.

You will be giving them more than just a compliment. You will show them you care about them and can see when they try to do something good. They will see you are close enough to them to give them loving approval that can help them emotionally. It will be one of the ways that will prove you love them, and after all life’s complications they will find comfort and encouragement in knowing you do love them.

The ultimate goal in a child’s life is to know their parents really loves them, and to know at some time and in some way, they have done something that earns their parents approval.

When children, or anyone who needs the foundations for flourishing in life, instilled in their heart and mind, they will experience approval of a job well done. When they see they can accomplish an important task, achieve a great experience, or reach a higher goal they will have the necessary drive to finish what they start with greater energy.

When you instill lessons for thriving instead of just surviving they will have an inner desire to always reach for higher achievements in life.

Good Job Story is about encouraging children by complimenting them on a job well done, and the approval that will make them want to do better each time they are trying to accomplish something. If all you hear is negative that makes a person to stop trying to do a better job.

                           Parents and Grandparents can be good Samaritans

When danger like a flash rips through your awareness with a near deadly scene and needs an instant reaction, it takes an abundance of courage, to rush in with daring bravery.

Our oldest daughter Joanna was a young mother, who was visiting her grandmother one warm day. She stepped out on the front porch; she was very alert when she took in a very dangerous scene  that was about to happen.

A neighbor’s little girl with blond curly hair in a droopy diaper was toddling toward the busy street. She was about to step off the curb, onto the street, as a pickup was speeding down the street toward the child.

Joanna dashed to the street and grabbed the child out of harm’s way just before the pickup breezed by. The child would have been hit, had it not been for Joanna’s quick reaction. The baby reached up to Joanna’s face and gently patted her cheek.

When she carried the child up to the front door in her arms and knocked on the door, the woman said, with a scowl on her face. “What are you doing with my child?” She reached out and grabbed the child out of her arms, and slammed the door in her face.

Joanna said, “At least the baby let me know she thanked me, with the soft brush of a tiny hand against my cheek.”

Don’t expect people to be able to know the truth of any incident if they don’t see what happened, nor care what happened.

It will always be misread by people who don’t care about what has happened, nor will truth come from people who aren’t focused even if they happened to see an incident.

An interpretation of an incident especially if it is not clearly focused on, or have our full attention, will never be perceived accurately, that’s why so much error is circulating more than the truth.

Good Samaritans are those who stop, and rescue the people who need help, and they need it now! Not later, but at the current moment in time! They desperately need, brave courageous people with integrity, to assess the danger, and move quickly.

Champions dare to accept the challenge of quick thinking and action, that will always help others for only one reason, they have love in their heart for life. When something drastic happens and people need them to come to their aid, when it looks like there is no other way of escape from a danger facing them from which they can see no way out.

They need a good Samaritan, someone who is a good neighbor, and willing to risk their life, in an instant, to save someone in need.  They need someone who is ready at all times to put others needs above their own, simply because they care, and have compassion for others.

Parents, Grandparents and all who have genuine love and concern for people of all ages are needed to pray for all who are facing harsh, and painful things that are facing them every day.

Joanna’s example of sending scriptures daily to her grandchildren, and how it made them want to know more about Jesus Christ and the Bible is an easy way for loving parents, and grandparents to make a difference in their children and grandchildren’s lives.

Joanna our oldest daughter has seven grandchildren, she has been sending a scripture a day from her email, to all of them for a long time.

Alyssa would show her best friend the scripture every day and read it to her while she was still in school. Her friend would say, “That is so sweet, I wish my grandma would do that for me.”

The grandchildren would send her a smiley face or thumbs up icon to let her know they had seen the scripture that day.

The boys, Noah, Isaac, Jesse, and Colton would call or come to spend the night at their grandparents house, and ask questions about the Bible, and Jesus Christ. Sometime their discussion about the Lord and the Bible would last into the late hours of the night.

Joy Anna would nestle in her grandmothers arms as she would tell her a bible story, or sing her a song.

When Tyler was small he listened as his grandmother told him about Jesus, but he still couldn’t quite comprehend who Jesus was, or understand about prayer.

One day Joanna was putting up some decorated plates high on the dining room wall, and one had a painting on it of the last supper. When Tyler ask about the plate she told him about Jesus and the last supper.

Tyler eyes lit up as he said excitingly, “That’s Him! That’s Jesus?” She answered, “Yes Tyler, That’s Jesus.” When he had a picture in his mind of Jesus he could relate to him and believe in him enough to pray with his grandmother.

Joanna’s grandchildren felt secure in their hearts that they could call her for prayer when they needed it. The daily scriptures helped to keep the Lord on their mind, and to keep them encouraged, comforted and confident that they could get the answer they needed to help them when they were troubled about anything.

Alyssa was only two when the picture on the cover of this book was taken. Her grandfather, Marty was holding the mirror and said to Alyssa, “kiss the baby” but her big blue eyes looked back at him watching her kiss the baby.

When parents and grandparents realize all the ways their children are watching them and listening to them, and forming the thoughts around what they hear and say. They will know how important a role they truly play in how their hearts and minds are developed by their good input, or swayed away by the world’ interpretation of life, when they are neglected and not fully given the attention they so desperately need.


                                      Coming Soon in September 

            My Third Book

Love And Protect Your Children: Be A Good Parent By Joan Jessalyn Cox

Copyright © 2020 By Joan Jessalyn Cox

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