God’s Divine Appointment to Answer Prayer

By Joan Jessalyn Cox

One morning our daughter Joanna was getting ready for work, she needed to leave in about ten minutes to get there on time. The phone rang, and her son needed to ask her a question. They talked a few minutes leaving her in rush to get out the door to work. She hurried to the car, loaded her computer and saw a woman walking down the road crying, she had a card board sign under her arm.
Joanna got in the car and rolled down the window and asked the woman if she needed help, or a ride somewhere. She nodded yes, opened the door with tears still rolling down her face.
“Where do you need to go?” My daughter asked, wondering what was wrong.
Over to Walmart, my granddaughter is sick and needs some medicine. Her crying began to wrack her body as she began to tell her story.
I’ve been praying since 4:00 this morning crying out to the Lord for help. I don’t know what to do but to take this sign and get some money for groceries. My daughter and grand-daughter have come to live with me. We neither one have a job, and I get a small check from the government, it’s already gone. I don’t have any groceries, and a relative came and dug up my water well to sell it for drugs. My granddaughter is sick, I have a card to get her medicine.  The woman was obviously at the point of desperation.
Joanna flew into action which is her personality, and her great compassion moves her when she sees the need. She said don’t worry, we’ll get you some help right now. She picked up her cell phone, called work told them she would be a little late and told the crying woman they would go into the Walmart and get her some groceries. She spent $100 dollars getting them several bags of groceries, and jugs of water.
They went over to the pharmacy to pick up the medicine for the sick little girl and the woman who waited on them, flung down the card with a snide remark and said this won’t work. Joanna stepped up and handed her a twenty-dollar bill, while frowning her disgust at someone so uncaring as to treat someone so harshly without human kindness.
Joanna took the woman home and her daughter and grand-daughter came running out to help carry all the sacks of groceries in the house, they thanked her many times and their gratefulness shown on their faces. She handed the woman gas money, so she would be able to have transportation again.
When she related the story to her co-workers, one of them later gave her fifty dollars. They were touched by her compassion for the lady whose prayer was answered within only four hours. When you truly care about others you can be used of God to be part of the answer to someone’s hurting heart-felt crying out to God.
By Joan Jessalyn Cox


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