Bears and Angels a True Story

                    Bears and Angels a True Story

Our sixteen-year-old great grandson, Colton decided to accompany his good friend Jonathan on a bow and arrow hunting outing with him and his older brother. Colton didn’t have his hunting license, so he went along I guess for moral support.
The older brother took the first tree stand, then Colton and his friend climbed up the tall tree in the second tree stand, a few yards from the first one.
They settled in whispering and watching for deer, when Jonathan’s older brother messaged him on the cell phone. He read it to Colton, Black bear just passed me headed your way.
Panic triggered their fear and Jonathan said what do we do? Colton said, It’s not far to the truck, we’d better book it.
They frantically hurried down the tree and saw the big black bear ambling toward them, they started running to the car, and the big black bear began to run after them.
Breathing hard they barely got to truck and popped into it, when the bear was right outside the windows.
The next day Colton was talking to his grandmother, telling her of the frightening experience in detail.
When Colton related his story to his grandmother Joanna, she said “That’s why we pray everyday for the Lord to protect you and all our grandchildren. We pray for the Lord to send his angels to watch over you and protect you.”
“Those angels were really running Grandma!”

~ Joan Jessalyn Cox

“For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.”                Psalms 91:11 KJV

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