Billy Graham a True Friend to Jesus Christ and Christian Statesman

When you welcome someone into your life you want to introduce them to your best friend. How many people worldwide did Billy Graham introduce to Jesus Christ? How many millions felt like Billy Graham was their friend, even though they never met him face to face.
It was always enough that Billy Graham had met Jesus Christ and loved him enough to want to share that Divine loving fellowship with everyone he met.
Billy Graham was a true evangelist, whose life and countenance shown a loyalty to Jesus Christ, many never experienced, and he yearned to let them know about the greatest man who ever lived, Jesus Christ.
We remember the dynamic way he spoke with his compassionate appeal, spreading the truth of God’s word with a gospel message that touched the heart of those who heard him. He preached with the sincere fervor of his evangelical voice compelling his audience to come to Jesus Christ.
All eyes were on Billy Graham, there was no restlessness, no yawning and fading away in the mind, but the Holy Spirit made the message of salvation and deliverance so uplifting, it drew them to Jesus Christ. The beautiful strains of a well-chosen hymn invited them to come to meet Jesus Christ the peacemaker of humanity.
Jesus Christ, the man of truth, divine love and good will was with the evangelist as he stood inviting the audience to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of their soul. Jesus stood with Billy Graham as he spoke with hope and heaven spread out before them, as he lifted the name of Jesus Christ up to the world. Billy Graham one of the greatest evangelist in this century.
Jesus Christ was always present for his friend Billy Graham, as Billy Graham stood up for the truth of Jesus Christ. He always made the work of Jesus Christ and salvation the priority in his life. He was a man of God, chosen to do a dynamic work of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to millions of people from all nations.
Millions of people can remember the day they sat and listened to Billy Graham passionately present Jesus Christ to them. They can remember the words that tugged at their heart as he so passionately asked them to come forward and accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior.
Billy Graham was a Christian Statesman, a true spokesman for Jesus Christ. He stood head and shoulders above most men of God, because of his steadfast allegiance to Jesus Christ.
He shared the gospel generously to the crowds who listened to him and responded to his truth moving them to flow down to the front to accept Jesus Christ. He was honorable and respectable through his faith, he never wavered, he remained honest, dependable and sincere.
He was always seen as a credible witness for Jesus Christ, because he lived a clean life, that never changed, but remained true to the faith he preached.
He proved the truth of God’s word worked wonders in a consistent clean holy life lived according to God’s principles.
He was a man of true integrity that lived the life that pleased God and brought peace and good will into the lives that turned to Jesus because of his ministry and honorable life of loyalty to Jesus Christ.
He began and ended his Christian life by pleasing God and staying true to Jesus Christ. A man of high morals, great courage and integrity, who took the high road in life through showing others the way of peace, hope and Christian love in a hopeless world.
The gospel message that Billy Graham lived to deliver to the world was intended to bring peace and good will to every accepting heart, through Jesus Christ.
The message and legacy Billy Graham left to every Christian is to keep spreading the gospel message. To stand up for Jesus Christ beginning with prayer for one another, and to carry the gospel message to a world that is lost and dying.
When you make peace with Jesus Christ, and can make peace with yourself, you will be able to bring peace in your environment one courageous Christian at a time.
I wonder, Did Jesus Christ stand up as Billy Graham joined them in heaven, as the angels sang and rejoiced at his home coming? Will that be how we feel when we are called home to heaven?
Can we make a difference, even a small amount that will count before the wrapping up of all times? Can we bring peace to a chaotic world?
Yes! when we can reflect the truth of God, and pattern our life after Jesus Christ, and a dear friend in Jesus Christ service, Billy Graham.
Remember Billy Graham as one of the most honorable and noble Christians to present Jesus Christ to the world.
Remember Billy Graham as you honor him by living a better life with a close fellowship with Jesus Christ.
Remember him happy, because he was a man who pleased God, presented the truth of God and pointed millions to Jesus Christ so they could live a happy life, full of abundant hope and faith.
By Joan Jessalyn Cox

Author of the Foundational Faith In Truth Bible Study Series

The Spirit Of Truth Is Power: Reviving Faith In Jesus Christ

Victorious Faith In Jesus Christ: Creates Good Christian Conduct

Both  books in the series by Joan Jessalyn Cox

I Love the Faithfulness of Prayer Warriors By Joan Jessalyn Cox


“And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:13
My husband and I have morning prayer every day that we are home, and don’t need to go somewhere. We were praying the other morning and we always pray as long as we continue to be in the spirit of prayer. We usually begin around 7:00 and pray until we feel that we have covered everything that is on our heart to pray for.
I have joined several prayer groups on Facebook, and the Lord laid on my heart to pray for the prayer warriors. I was praying quietly in my spirit for all the prayer warriors, because there are so many people that really need their prayers. So, as I was praying for the prayer warriors, a prayer warrior called me.
The telephone rang around 9:30 while we were still praying. When I answered it was a lady that picked up my book, Victorious Faith in Jesus Christ at my beauty shop and wanted to read it. She borrowed it from my beauty operator and close friend, she enjoyed the book and she wanted to talk to me. When I heard about her I wanted to talk to her as well.
The phone rang that morning as we were still praying, but I always have time to visit with people. She introduced herself and said I’ve been wanting to call you and talk to you, but I just haven’t had enough time, and I really didn’t want to call you this morning because I don’t have time to talk, I have an appointment at 10:00. The Lord laid it on my heart to call you and I knew I had to obey the Lord.
We talked a few minutes and she said I feel like I’m suppose to pray for you right now. I said I always appreciate being prayed for. She prayed, and you could feel the power and anointing as she prayed. I thanked her for her prayer.
When I got off the phone the full truth came flooding into my soul. As I was praying for prayer warriors the Lord was moving on a prayer warrior’s heart to pray for me. He showed me he heard, answered immediately, and verified that she was called by the Lord in her prayer ministry, and that she could hear the voice of the Lord.
It takes a mature Christian not only to hear, know, and obey when the Lord speaks to them. The harmony of the members of the “body of Christ” is necessary during these end times. Prayer is the greatest weapon ever formed and unifies a believer and Jesus Christ through faith and truth.
“Again I say unto you, that if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”          Matthew 18:19,20

A Christian who continually prays for other people and the needs that are presented to them is called a prayer warrior. They are a prayer warrior because of their God-given prayer ministry to strengthen other believers, and the whole “body of Christ.” They have a continual desire to help others by lifting them up in prayer to Jesus Christ, the only one who can and will answer prayer.


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